CHEMISTRY + CRAFT hand crafts minimalist soft goods with natural materials and local supplies, for you who appreciates simple design and connection to land and materials, in collaboration with local and international artists and craftspeople. 




CHEMISTRY + CRAFT operates under three main principles:


Slow fashion.

All goods are hand crafted by a human for another human. Acknowledging the toxicity of fast fashion, over consumption, and the pollution from synthetic material waste and processes, CHEMISTRY + CRAFT will always prioritize human quality over quantity, and opt for natural materials which will, with time, biodegrade. Before decomposing into soil however, CHEMISTRY + CRAFT waxed canvas and leather goods get softer with use and are made to last a long time, be mended, upcycled, etc. Production is small-batch and custom-made, striving to reduce waste and carbon footprint. 


Fibre shed.

Motivated by the idea of a local fibre shed, CHEMISTRY + CRAFT works with farms, small businesses and artisans to source raw materials used in our small-batch production. We are always looking to have conversations about plant pigments, fibre crops, and examining venues for increasing local textile sourcing/production. Where fabrics such as cotton canvas and hemp canvas are not locally available, we also connect with international traders and suppliers, navigating and learning from current access to ethical organic global supply chains.


Respect for land and people.

CHEMISTRY + CRAFT operates on traditional Anishnaabe territory covered by the Robinson-Huron treaty, now home to many diverse peoples. We are committed to life-long learning and to continuous evolving, as a small business, in a regionally specific, community-driven way with respect for the land, its' people, teachings and relations. 




Originally founded by Mariana Lafrance on Mnidoo Mnising (Manitoulin Island), CHEMISTRY + CRAFT production is now under new ownership, operating primarily in the Sudbury East and West Nipissing areas of northern Ontario.  

We are grateful for all of the people and communities who helped in developing the brand in the early years of CHEMISTRY + CRAFT, and to the new (and familiar) people and communities we are connecting with (and reconnecting with) in this new chapter!

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