CHEMISTRY + CRAFT hand-makes minimalist soft goods with ethical and natural materials and local supplies, for you who appreciates simple design and connection to land and materials, in collaboration with local and international artists and craftspeople.

CHEMISTRY + CRAFT holds a sacred vision of carefully designed textile goods made entirely locally, collaboratively and responsibly, of the land, on the land.

Our SIX values are:

  • Awareness of and appreciation for our interconnectedness with all life
  • Respect and honouring of our full humanity
  • Local community engagement and empowerment
  • Pleasurable sensory and material experiences
  • Sharing, collaborating and experimenting with others
  • Making simple designs inspired by age-old crafts

CHEMISTRY+ CRAFT is based in Wewebjiwong (Little Current) on Mnidoo Mnis (Manitoulin Island), in the heart of Anishinaabe territory. Our current team of one works out of a studio in a former honey processing plant. With occasional help, we do everything by hand in-house, from dyeing our canvas to photography and marketing.

CHEMISTRY + CRAFT is a death-positive business, meaning that it is aware that it will one day either perish or mutate unrecognizeably, and that it chooses to operate in a way that lets it show.