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Our bags don't last forever...

Biodegradable, ethically handmade soft goods designed for a grieving culture

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Customer Reviews

I love my rucksack; I never leave home without it! Congratulations on a beautiful, smart design.


I received the package today. It is so beautiful! The packaging is lovely and the smell of the beeswax spilled out of the box. The crafting is incredible, I am thrilled! This is a bag made to last a decade or more. I am so happy I found you.

Jennifer M.

I so love mine. It's as comfortable as it is aesthetically pleasing and it's withstood biking in downpours with totally dry contents.

Josée Madéia

The satchel arrived yesterday and it is exquisitely beautiful and functional. I absolutely love it and it is the perfect size for what I need. I will be very proud to wear it and tell everyone where I got it. Thank you for your beautiful work.

Lisa M.