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You're a maker too. And sourcing the right materials is tricky. We spend a lot of time, thought and energy into sourcing excellent ingredients for our soft goods, so please help yourself! We also love to experiment with design, and share with you good deals on raw, rough-around-the-edges prototypes made for utility. 


Did you know that there is currently no local/national commercial source of plant fibre textiles in Canada? That's right, for the most part, organic cotton, hemp, or linen fabric you might buy in Canada has been imported from distant places such as India, China and Europe. We dream of flax fields and a farm to fashion textile mill in Northern Ontario, but until that day, we too are importers and rely on trusted resellers.

Note: we steer clear away from all synthetic or chemically processed fibres such as acrylic, polyester, modal, bamboo, nylon, etc. Our vision for the world is to dream, make and wear clothes and accessories that can be made by hand from soil and seed and then be returned to the earth.

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