[CRAFT] is a subscription pilot project we're launching soon! A limited number of monthly box deliveries will be available locally*. 

Each month, from September to December**, you will receive a gift box filled with a curated selection of food product from local farms, craft items produced collaboratively or by featured artists, and that have connection to ingredients and materials used in pigment, fibre, or finishing of a CHEMISTRY + CRAFT accessory. You'll have the option of getting a surprise DIY craft kit in your package too (think something along the lines of sew-your-own wallet or tote). Items and packaging are intended for your use and enjoyment, and with zero-waste gifting in mind :)

This project results of ongoing experiment and exchanges in sourcing local materials, and finding value-added uses for agri-food bi-product and textile scraps or waste. When you buy a [CRAFT] subscription, you support ongoing collaboration between farmers, food produers, artists and craft people on issues concerning waste diversion, reduction and reuse. Thank you! 

*Subscription boxes will be shipped from Northern Ontario, within Canada.

**You can choose to opt in or out of any given month. After purchasing your subscription, you'll get a short online form so we can customize your gift boxes to your liking and schedule.

More details to come in the next months!

Feel free to get in touch at info@chemistryandcraft.com if this interests you, or if you think your product should be featured in a gift box :)